15 Unspoken Rules of Digital Marketing Etiquette

  • 15 Unspoken Rules of Digital <span> Marketing Etiquette</span>
  • CollectiveLoop
  • Dec 5, 2018
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10 Badass Netiquette Rules to Make You Win Social Media

With the help of basic etiquette, we’ve survived all sorts of social situations. Thanks to the new era of Social Media, everything has changed. The time has come to learn the basic, unspoken rules of online etiquette.

These rules are the ones who determine how you represent your brand in the digital world—yes, it’s a big deal. Online etiquette, or netiquette evolves as fast as the social media outlets so you best keep up.

Social Media Netiquette rules determine your brand’s growth with the community’s engagement.

Keep a keen eye on everything your brand sends out on social media. Or you might regret it like that drunken Facebook photo someone tagged you in 2010.

Think outside the box and embark with new and creative ideas that rock people’s world”

15 badass netiquette rules to make you win Social Media


01.Always, come what may, reply ASAP

Social Media platforms are where your community will contact you first

Be ready to give answers 24/7. Brands that meet messaging expectations note better results. Acknowledging your community is, no doubt about it, worth never sleeping again.




02. Proofread everything you post, at least twice

Proper spelling and grammar are a must in Social Media, same as following the Kardashians.

Don’t lose credibility as a serious brand over a spelling mistake. Though it can happen to anyone, many people out there are waiting for a slip-up.



03. Every platform is different, so are their rules

Each social media network has an intended purpose and audience.

Sort Social Media platforms into categories for usages. Connect with people in different ways and maximize your content.

Keep your brand identity in mind. Once you lose it, things become unclear.



04. Share only what is valuable

Everything you share on your social media platforms represents your brand. It determines your visibility to the world.

Be careful with what you post and what you don’t. This makes the difference between a sloppy and an attractive feed.



05. It’s not always pretty, deal with it

Not everybody on Social Media will like your brand. Acknowledge it and thrive from positive feedback. Most negative comments come from unsatisfied clients. Once you work on those complaints, they’ll stop.

Don’t confuse trolls with unhappy users. They’re online bullies, deal with them as such.



06. Spring cleaning comes in handy

Now and then, look through your followers. Sometimes we follow people with no value to our social media status. Rid your feed of irrelevant content like that guy that’s always posting his ugly meals. Remember you don’t need to follow back everyone.



07. Keep certain things private

A little discretion goes a long way. Know when a private response is a right way to go.

Connect with your most engaged clients through DMs. Learn their communication style, enhance your relationship, use this tool to your advantage.

Be wise and discreet and always leave them wanting more.



08. #don’t #overdo #hashtags

Instagram is the only platform where more than 2 hashtags are acceptable.

A hashtags’ purpose is to find what you’re looking for. Wrong hashtags keep people away from your content. People looking for #marketingtips don’t care for your morning workout.



09. Shareable content is key

Shareable content gives you Social Media recognition. Whether is a memorable phrase or an eye-catching image. Strive to grasp your audience’s attention ASAP.

People look through their feeds paying little to no attention. Unless you’re Beyonce, choosing the right images is key.



10. When your brand talks, use “we”

Infuse your brand with team spirit on social media, when your company speaks, use “we” or “us”.

Aside from being the right way to refer to your brand, it gives your audience a true sense of who you are. Make them notice you’re a great team.

The best badass is the one who follows the rules

Follow these rules when interacting online with your community. Care for your brand’s online value and reputation. As social media evolves, create new, unique ways to communicate online. Never let your brand seem completely oblivious to netiquette.


Which of these etiquette rules have you learned out of personal experience? Are there any we left out? Looking for some help to manage your online presence? Get in touch with us!