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Looking for quality and creativity? You’ve come to the right place!
Our unique communication, effective messages, and creative solutions help
your brand grow. We’ll create marketing strategies right for your brand. By doing
so, we’ll ensure engagement and loyalty from your clients.

Who we are

Collective Loop is a dynamic & diverse Marketing Agency. We offer superior branding, unique development, design & content expertise.
We convert your engagements into sales. How? Through original and highly-engaging design, content and development.
By working this way, we ensure a true and exciting strategy for potential customers.

We go above
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Personalized support

Our team is ready to give you the quality support that your brand deserves 24/7. We’re not big on sleeping, our true forte is effective communication. Any help or advice you might need from us, you’re sure to get it at any time.

Global talent

Some of the world’s best digital and marketing talents are with us. Working as a team we provide dynamic solutions we’ve mastered from prior experiences. We know how to launch brands and make your business grow.

Cost effective

We want your brand to grow, and your budget to withstand. Our top-of-the-line services come at the best cost. Boost your income as your client flow increases thanks to our marketing strategies. When you’re with us, money won’t be an issue.

Save time

Manage your time as you please. Let us take care of things the best way we know how, with order and efficiency. We strive to be your allies as you launch your business and gain brand recognition.

Meet the team

Meet the brightest minds in digital marketing, spread around the globe and eager to meet your
needs. We’re ready to provide your brand with the quality service it deserves.




Founder & CEO

For over 20 years in the advertising & marketing industry, John has been fortunate to work in his passion: defining effective customer solutions.

As Founder of Collective Loop, John brings forth unique brands based on business owners personalities and provides a fully-managed outsourced digital marketing capability to cash-strapped small businesses.

Let John help you establish a distinctive ‘personality’ driven approach to your business brand.




Creative Director

As Creative Director for Collective Loop, Mara makes the magic of your business ideas blaze before your eyes, allowing your brand marketing burst through the marketplace.

Mara coordinates our team of talented designers to accomplish a creative execution across UX/UI, brand identity and web/print design.

Let Mara help you ignite your brand by being the bridge between your ideas and your success.



Project Manager

As Project Manager for Collective Loop, Miguel is an expert in coordinating projects and bringing them to success.

His knowledge on fundamental processes, methodologies, and techniques as well as his vast experience and ability to establish organizational structures, are few of the reasons why our team always delivers efficient results.

Let Miguel help you plan, organize and monitor the overall progress of your dreams.



Art Director

As art director for Collective Loop, Diana brings to life your business ideas, ensuring that the desired message and image is conveyed to your consumers.

Diana is responsible for the overall visual aspects of your brand or media campaign and coordinates the work of other artistic or design staff.

Let Diana help you with her magic developing your visual offering.

No matter
the industry
or goal,
we offer
efficient and
solutions to
growing brands.




Lead Programmer

As Lead Programmer for Collective Loop, Ashish sets forth all the programming code which runs and controls our websites & mobile app projects.

For over 7 years, he has been providing effective solutions for the development of websites & mobile apps on multiple platforms along & technologies. He can also exterminate coding bugs in his sleep.

Let Ashish help you build a solid ground for your brand in the digital world.

We always want to hear from talented people

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Senior Designer

We’re hiring a Senior UI/UX designer with 8+ years of experience to join our multi-disciplinary team.

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