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Oct 19, 2015

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All successful Content Marketing generally includes 3 major components: Discovery, Development & Distribution.

We will share with you how the Distribution stage helps you to plan and manage your content once completed. To have an effective Content Marketing campaign you need to reach a large market and we give you tips and tools on how to do this.

If you’re interested in an overview of Content Marketing and how it can help build trust with your customers, read our Introduction to Content Marketing.



Distribution Plan

So now you have some killer content, that appeals to your audience and will create trust. How are you going to get it in front of them? Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can simply upload this content to your social media platforms and be done with it. Distribution planning allows you to take a strategic approach to broadcasting your content.

Which of your own platforms will the content be promoted (eg. Website, email marketing, blogs, landing pages, social media pages, etc)? Can you extend your reach by posting your content within groups, lists, partner pages, circles and with hashtags? Can you broaden your reach further by using the power of a distribution network to have your content promoted on some of the most viewed websites in the world?



Paid advertising

Paid media like social media advertising offers a great opportunity to have thousands see your content in a relatively short period of time. Paid advertising is offered by Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Pintrest as well as many others. Each of these platforms has different audiences, reach, costs and specifications. Other distribution channels include promotion of your content (eg. Blogs) on major online publications such as news, newspaper and business portals. A number of distribution platforms can help you with this type of advertising (also known as Native Advertising), including sites like Outbrain, Taboola and StackAdapt.

Consider all of these aspects when creating your Distribution Plan to ensure you receive the greatest benefits from the content you have created.



Management & analytics

Content Marketing, requires an investment in time to make it successful. This doesn’t mean you have to monitor all of your content every minute of the day, but you need to regularly assess your content performance to understand a few things:



The most obvious reason for monitoring your content performance is to understand if you are on-track to achieve the goals that you set as part of your Discovery stage. You may need to monitor performance using a variety of tools depending on what your goals were. For example, if your goal was to drive more traffic to your website, just checking your website statistics will not be enough as some of that traffic may be coming from sources other than your content. Platforms like Contently, Skyword & Zemanta will help you monitor the performance of your content after it is distributed.



Being able to pivot, or suddenly change direction, based on your content performance allows you to tweak your approach to suit your audience. Even with the best planning, users can be fickle or change their habits, so you need to accommodate for this by making small changes after content has been distributed. Consider how and when you want to change your content and certainly don’t throw your strategy in the bin if you don’t get traction on day 1. Allow at-least a week for your content to be seen by the people you are trying to target.


Trending topics

Some of the biggest brands in the world have setup quick-response content teams to launch campaigns based on trending topics. Most small to medium sized businesses can’t afford to have a stand-by team, but you should consider having a plan in-place where you can create new content quickly for trending topics in your industry/category. Many brands have had success in launching content marketing campaigns to align to major sporting events, social movements and national holidays.



The wrap-up

Distributing your content goes beyond just your own Social media pages and requires careful thought, research and planning. After all the time you invest in the Discovery and Development phases, you don’t want to throw that away by not effectively distributing your content. There are many options when it comes to distribution, but using a lot of the information you have gathered in the Discovery phase will help guide you on which platforms to use.

Speak to us if you are interested in starting your own Content Marketing campaign, as we’ll be happy to help with advice, tools and knowledge on how to achieve the best results for your business. Feel free to visit our site for some information and tools to get you started.


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